MAHLE 2618 Forged Drop-in pistons&rods Std-bore

Drop-in zuigers en drijfstangen 6.1 HEMI
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Mopartruckparts is dealer van Mopar Muscle Extreme

Our Drop-In Piston Package is capable of supporting 1000 RWHP, but some of our customers have seen numbers up to 1300 RWHP with supporting modifications.


Are you looking to get the MOST out of your Gen III HEMI without worrying about failing internals? If you’re considering supercharging, turbo charging, running nitrous, or a combination of these then you have come to the right place. OK we have had great success with our drop in pistons for a couple years now so it is time to turn up the wick. These will match factory specs for balance and will not require any balancing(therefore no crank removal). We will be making the pistons from 2618 material and will offer 2 ring packages for you guys that want to spray. The rods will be considerably beefy in order to match the factory weight. They will also include a custom designed ARP 2000 bolt for added strength.


No engine build delays - No balancing charges - Less down time - No engine shipping cost


  • MAHLE Modern Muscle Super Power Pack Piston
  • 2618 material Factory weight (so piston can be used with stock rod if you choose to do so)
  • Topring moved down
  • Accumulator groove between first and second ring
  • Napier oil control second ring
  • Moly or steel top ring depending on application
  • Coated skirts
  • Coated ring lands
  • Comp ratio 9.7 to 10.0 depending on gasket selection
  • Manley Rods
  • ARP Rod Bolts
  • Coated bearing option for high HP builds
  • Specificaties:
  • Merk: MoparTruckShop
  • Artikelnummer: 6.1-Drp-in-Piston/rod-Std-bore